We made it.

We made it. We are done with appointments for the week. I have nothing tomorrow except work and preschool pickup.

Yesterday’s appointment at the pediatrician was okay, and both boys were pronounced hale and hearty. They refused to wear the little hospital gowns and greeted the doctor wearing underpants and big grins, but she seemed unphased. It’s probably not the worst thing she’s seen.

My sister came over this afternoon to watch Elias so I could take Levi to the CF center in peace. Levi was intensely pleased to be handed an iDevice upon arrival at the doctor’s office, and concentrated hard on knocking down green pigs for most of the appointment. He did at least take a short break to look at Canal Park and reminisce about the game we attended over the summer.


We don’t have to go back for three months, unless something nasty shows up in the throat culture they took today. Fingers crossed.

I took a couple of vacation days and made myself a nice little four-day weekend, starting on Friday. I originally had grand plans for house projects, but I think I’ll lower my expectations to include getting caught up on laundry and having at least one nap.

Anything else is just gravy.

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