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Quick Update

We are all doing well, though we’re a little more worn out than usual. Levi seems to be experiencing a little discomfort, but not any real pain. He went to preschool this morning, where I’m sure he fully enjoyed the celebrity status a cast can bring. His teacher said he did well but looked a little peaked at the end of the morning.

The boys are having a little trouble readjusting to The Way Things Are. It turns out that having a broken arm doesn’t afford as many opportunities for ignoring the rules as Levi had hoped, and having a brother with a broken arm hardly gets you any special treatment at all.

Yesterday, Paul and I went for a bike ride so I could take in a little fresh air after being cooped up, and my sister watched the boys. Levi was up to something, wouldn’t listen, and she banished him to the time out chair.

“But I have a broken arm, remember?” he said.
“But my arm is …”

It’s a mad, mad world.

Elias, for his part, told me last night that he couldn’t possibly go to sleep without an ice cream cone. I laughed, and assured him that he could indeed. I was right.

Those poor children.

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