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Boys Are Weird

I mean, I knew that a long time ago. But it becomes more clear to me all the time that I do not understand their thought processes. The following is a secondhand story, because I was inside where it is quiet and cool like any sane person would be.

Paul was letting the boys “swim” – meaning they were playing in their kiddie pool after getting soaped down and hosed off. They’ve gotten most of their baths outside lately, and it’ll be a sad day for all of us when it’s too cold for this little ritual.

They were yapping and splashing and Paul was completely ignoring them (no, I wasn’t there, but I know what goes on) when all of the sudden both of them were shrieking as if they were being murdered. Paul jumped up and looked. Elias had his arm stuck between the kiddie pool and the side of the outdoor shower, and he couldn’t get free. He was wailing at the top of his lungs. Levi had his arms around Elias’ neck and was trying to pull him free, while screaming for Papa to save his brother. It was quite the scene.

Paul pulled the pool back far enough for Elias to get his arm free, and the boys plopped down in the water and looked at each other while they caught their breath. And Levi looked at his brother with deep concern, and said,

“Are you alright, Poopy?”

Boys. Are. Weird.

But because Poopy is still a little more mine than his papa’s, I got to rock him again before bed tonight.


And we sang his favorite song together.

I would have done a video, but he wouldn’t have sung along in the same way if he’d known he was being recorded. And excuse my voice. I have a vicious head cold.

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