Big Day

I decided not to explain. You know what’s happening here. (Though I will add for clarity that he’s going to preschool. Kindergarten is next year.)





The neighbor came out and asked if Elias is going to be so, so sad without his brother.

Er … no? I mean, I know he loves him. But he wandered back up the lane with me singing under his breath, “I’m walking with my mama, I’m walking with my mama …”

I think he’ll be fine. And so will Levi.

Happy new school year, everybody!


One thought on “Big Day

  1. Hmm .. so far we are 2:2 in little brother bawling when big sister gets on the bus; we’ll see what Wednesday brings. In his defense, she was too cool to give him a hug in front of the bus driver last year. Perhaps he was bawling because he was stuck with me and not because he was going to miss his sister :)

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