I done did it.

Yes I did. (See here if you don’t know what I’m on about.) Random thoughts, because I’m kind of tired and I don’t feel like organizing them.


  • I’m glad I wore sunscreen. There was a fair amount of standing around at the starting line, in direct sun, and I would have been fried to a crispy little crisp.
  • I didn’t skip any obstacles. YAYYYYY!
  • My friend Jen came to cheer me on and take pictures, which absolutely made my day. Thank you, Jen!!
  • I don’t know my time, because the results website for today is throwing a database error. Jen thinks we came through in about an hour and ten minutes. That puts us at the back of the pack, but not dead last, if it’s right. I’m okay with that. I finished. And I didn’t skip any obstacles! Did I already say that?
  • My t-shirt is printed backwards, so the awesome Viking chick is on the back. Oh well. I ordered the right size, though, which is a plus.
  • I’m a little scared to see the pictures from the professional photographers that were at the obstacles. I think I’m mostly going to look tired.
  • That was not easy for me. I did it anyway. Go me.
  • Mud, besides being muddy, is very stinky.
  • I’m pretty sure my children are going to want my awesome hat, and while they may try it on, I’m not surrendering it to them. I earned it.
  • I think I used some muscles that I haven’t used in awhile. Tomorrow morning may be interesting.
  • I am very hungry. And the house smells fantastic, because Paul put a roast in this morning. And he got fresh sweet corn from the garden. I am a lucky, lucky girl.
  • This was really, for me, more of a Warrior Power Walk. I did run some of the time, but not as much as I’d have liked to. But I never stopped, and I never gave up, and again … I’m okay with that.
  • There were some slightly drunk people running near us. It was their second time through the course, and they were taking it easy (for them). The guys were singing half-obscene army chants. They weren’t bothering me, but I wasn’t expecting them to be the people that stopped with us at several obstacles to make sure we got through okay. Eventually I’m going to stop assuming things about people, right?
  • The only obstacle that scared me a little was one where we had to walk up and down and across some sort of skinny boards. Apparently I need to work on my balance.
  • I have a rockin’ rope burn on my left arm. I was working my way across a rope grid, sideways, over water. It was one of the harder bits for me physically (I guess I need to keep working on upper body strength, too …) and I ended up catching myself on the inside of my arm pretty hard. Ow. But hey, I think I’m going to have a pretty cool bruise.
  • That was fun. Maybe I’ll do it again, next year, a little faster. Maybe.


P.S. Jen is uploading more pictures later today to Facebook, if you want to see me all spectacularly muddy.

3 thoughts on “I done did it.

  1. You guys did an AWESOME job and appeared to have had a great time! Yes, you were very muddy. :) I’m pulling pics off the camera now and will post some — will email you all of them. Love the hats!!

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