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And the Countdown Begins

The boys’ birthdays are this month. Levi has been asking for days to make a paper chain so we can count down. I finally got around to it this afternoon.



(Get it? Huh? I know, ha ha. My aunt had one of these on her fridge when I was little. It’s nostalgia.)

Anyway, I cut strips for the boys and let them decorate them with stickers.



Levi looks kinda creepy in that picture, what with the one eye patched and the other one hiding behind the frame. Whoops. I promise, he’s not any more demon-possessed than usual.

Their little personalities just slay me. Levi put a whole boatload of stickers on a whole bunch of strips in about two minutes (see haphazard application below), and took off for some other kind of trouble.



Elias very carefully chose all the stickers of the same color and did this.



I’m told Elias cannot possibly be actually related to me, but when he does this stuff, I wonder.

And to round out the day, a badly-executed snapshot of an impossibly cute boy.


I know, I’m biased. But sweet faces like that help me get through the other times.

Note to all toddlers: Wailing at the top of your lungs that are NOT TIRED and you do NOT WANT A NAP? Counterproductive. Every time. 

Sweet dreams, sweetcheeks.


One thought on “And the Countdown Begins

  1. LOL, denying a nap is needed is a surefire way to get put down for a nap. I heard the same story yesterday at the top of someone’s lungs then not a peep for almost 3 hours!

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