Poor Goatie


I have some sad news to share. The boys’ goat died today.

I’m sure you’re asking, much as Levi did when we told him, “What? What happened?” We aren’t really sure. It was very sudden, and there wasn’t any time to do anything for him. Paul talked to a friend of his, who said it sounded like a digestive problem. It’s pretty rare, and there’s not really anything to do about it.

We told the boys right away, and they seem fine. I don’t think Elias really understands. Levi does, and his primary response seems to be intense curiosity. (Why don’t goats die when it’s snowing? Why did Goatie get sick? Was he outside or in his house? What did he look like?)

We had a great time with Goatie. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of the boys with him (and their cousin Greg).



RIP, Goatie. You’ll be missed.

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