It Slipped My Mind

At least once a day, I feel like I am losing my mind. I can’t remember anything for longer than ten seconds, especially if it’s important.


So tonight I was sitting in the office, paying bills and going through some other paperwork. I sorted through and stacked up a few checks that I haven’t dealt with. (Yes, I know about direct deposit. This entity only issues paper checks.) I didn’t have any deposit slips, so I got up to get one. As I walked out into the kitchen, I noticed a bunch of throw pillows on thefloor, so I picked them up. And then I saw Levi’s used nebulizer set on the counter, so I broke it down and put it in the basin to wash it with the second treatment set. And I remembered that the second treatment wasn’t ready, so I set it up on the counter. There were a bunch of dishes air-drying on the counter, so I put them all away. And Levi was throwing a ball up and hitting the living room light, so I stopped to deliver a lecture.

Then I had to go to the bathroom. And as I was washing my hands, I realized that I couldn’t remember why I’d come out in the first place, so I stood there and thought about it for awhile. I recalled that I hadn’t gotten a deposit slip, even though I’d been banging around the kitchen for at least 10 minutes.

I couldn’t decide whether I have a weird form of housework-induced ADD or whether I’m a character in a very boring If You Give a Mouse a Cookie sequel. But I thought I’d write a blog post about how I’m losing my mind.

And when I sat down in the office to compose it, I realized that I still didn’t have the deposit slip.

It’s a miracle I get anything done, ever.

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  1. Carol! This is the story of my life every day!!! I’m glad I’m not the only 38 yr old to suffer from such misery!

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