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No, I am not still on the beach. I apologize for the radio silence. There wasn’t much to say about our remaining time at the beach (except that it was fantastic), and then I was sick again, and we got on a plane, and it was back to the craziness.

We did get to go to Suess Landing at Universal Islands of Adventure on our last day, and the boys had a great time. We rode a fishy ride (One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish themed) on which we got wet. Very exciting. And Elias rode the Seuss carousel with me, on an elephant modeled after Horton. I don’t have any pictures of that yet – Paul was the photographer that day, and I haven’t done a file dump off his phone.

The Orlando airport has a shuttle tram from the main building to certain terminals, and we rode a fairly empty one to our gate. Other than the four of us, it was mostly crew members in our tram, and one of the pilots asked if the boys wouldn’t like to drive. He moved us up to the front of the tram, and they had a great time. Right about when this picture was taken, Levi was exclaiming, “It’s a TUNNEL!”



When we were at Give Kids the World, we’d return almost every day to find gifts on our kitchen table. We got so many toys and games that I had to go buy duffel bags (yes, plural) at WalMart to get everything packed to go home. Here’s a picture of the bags I got – with a sandwich bag box for perspective. They’re big. And they’re full.


I still haven’t found a home for everything!

I have so many more pictures to share that never made it to the blog while we were gone. As long as it looks like you’re all still enjoying them, I’ll keep at it. Once I get them off Paul’s phone, of course.


2 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I want to see all the pictures. I’m glad you are feeling better and settled!!! It was great seeing you at the wine opener. Maybe the next time you come to Akron we can meet for lunch or something.

  2. Please continue this! I get so excited when I see you posted another post. I love your boyz and their antics make me smile. Can’t wait to see more pics and read more of the adventures of the BoyZ!

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