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Leaving the Village

This morning was our last at the village. We went to breakfast later than usual, because Paul and I were madly trying to pack up all of our stuff (plus a metric ton of toys and games that the boys were given during our stay; we really need another bag), and the boys were industriously unpacking it all as soon as we turned away for a second. We finally made it, though, and were happy to find our friends there, helping with breakfast.



After we ate, the boys gave lots of hugs to the girls and said goodbye (to their teacher, too, though we didn’t get a picture of her, sadly). I don’t know all the details of their school service trip, but it seems like a wonderful program. Even though J and M above were special, we interacted with quite a few of the girls on the trip, and they were all just great. Their parents and their teachers are clearly doing something right.

We had to check out of our condo, but were able to stay around a bit in the village itself, so we took a look through the chapel and the Gallery of Hope (more on those later), and took a stroll through the Castle of Miracles again. I don’t think I shared a picture of the pillow tree yet.


The little “mushroom” stools there will light up when you sit on them, and the pillow owl helps each child (not just the wish child) make a special pillow to remember their time at Give Kids the World.

We were sad to leave the village, but it was made easier (for me at least) by knowing where we were going. We took the opportunity to extend our trip on our own, and we’ll be at the beach for a few days. I-4 across Florida was a little crazy (which won’t be news to anyone who’s ever traveled it), but we made it safely to the Atlantic coast, and schlepped everything into the “new house” (as Levi calls it). When you step out the front door, this is the view.


If you take about 20 steps, you get this:



I’m pretty thrilled. I love being near the ocean. I don’t need to go in it. If I can see it and hear it, I’m happy.

Good thing, too. It’s 55 degrees here today (Fahrenheit, of course, if you’re reading from Canada). Only crazy surfers in full wetsuits are in the ocean, and only a couple of those. Levi is ticked because I wouldn’t let him go swimming in the pool. It’s heated, but at 55 degrees, I’m not sure how much that matters.

Happily, it’ll be warming up significantly and should be around 70 tomorrow, and 80 on Wednesday. We have some ideas for fun activities for the boys in addition to swimming and sand castles, and I’m looking forward to revisiting a favorite restaurant. (Paul and I spent three months in this area nine years ago.)

That’s enough typing for now. I have an ocean to go look at!

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