Wish Trip


It looked like today was shaping up to be the hottest day of our trip, so we decided to head to Sea World. We got to pet sting rays and see dolphins play, and then we went to see a show with Shamu.


This is not really Shamu.

I took a picture of this instead of the real thing because Levi’s Give Kids the World button got us reserved seating, front row center. I feared for my phone (which I’m using as my point and shoot on this trip) so I put it in a waterproof case during the show.

We didn’t get nearly as wet as the people in the sections to either side of us, but in a way I’m glad I had put it away anyway. It’d be nice to have the pictures of three killer whales right in our faces. But this way I got to experience every bit of it instead of trying to capture it, which I wouldn’t do that well anyway.

What fun! This was our favorite thing outside the village so far.

We’re all tired, so we are headed back to the village to get lunch delivered to our door.

I’m never coming home.

ETA: Paul chastised me for not telling the blogosphere about Levi’s little snit. We got splashed last of all, and he kept saying, “WHY are they not SPLASHING us?!? Mama, WHY?!?”  What a goober.

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