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Makin’ a List, Checkin’ It Twice

I decided yesterday that I need a staging area for packing. I have a hundred things running around in my head, which makes it hard to concentrate on anything. If I can start actually packing for the trip – or so the logic goes – I’ll be able to stop trying to remember all of it all of the time. I don’t know whether it will actually work, but my longsuffering husband helped me drag a long table upstairs without arguing about it.

So stacks of stuff have started to appear on the table – we don’t really need our shorts right now in Ohio – and Levi is fascinated. He’s having trouble differentiating what goes on a trip and what doesn’t. He refuses to believe, for instance, that he will not be allowed to ride his bike on the plane and there’s no reason to bring it. If you see us in the next few days, I’d appreciate your backup on this point.


I am also vetoing his entire Matchbox car collection and all of the paper airplanes his father has made for him in the past month. I’m such a jerk.

I skated a little close on checking over and packing clothes for the boys, but I knew we’d have everything we needed in the basement. We’ve been enormously blessed in the past few years to get hand-me-downs from a variety of sources, but a ton from our friends Mike and Steph, who have twin seven-year-old (I think; sometimes I lose track) boys. I pulled out the totes of summer clothes and made Levi and Elias try on multiple outfits of shorts and tank tops, which was a little like trying to put tuxedos on a couple of hysterical lemurs.

Nonetheless, I did find all the clothes I needed, except some summerweight pajamas for Levi. I thought I was actually going to have to go buy some (the horror), but I decided to check the tote for the next size up. Not only did I find some summer pajamas, but they have Buzz Lightyear on them. There was great rejoicing. Thanks for making Levi’s day, Steph – and for making my trip prep so very easy.

Six days before takeoff!

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