Wish Trip

Ladies Who Lunch

Madelyn the Magnificent called again early this week. We needed to get together to do some paperwork before the trip. Twelve links left in the chain, by the way.

I suggested meeting in the middle, which for us is Canal Fulton. Specifically, I suggested V Li’s. (Truth be told, I will suggest meeting there for any semi-plausible reason. V Li’s spring rolls are out of this world.) I asked if I could bring my mom along, and since we were making a party of it, Madelyn brought her daughter Ashley.

Ashley is more fun than a pillow fight, and has volunteered for the village where we’ll be staying, so she knows all about it. Here she is telling Levi about the pinball machines.


He didn’t know what a pinball machine was. I hope they live up to his expectations!

Madelyn told him about the ice cream shop.


You get can ice cream any time of day, we hear. And no one will ask you if you ate your breakfast first. Except, probably, me. I’ll try not to be a spoilsport.


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