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Wiped Out But Happy

We’ve been at Give Kids the World for about 10 hours, and we’ve been to the pool, gone trick-or-treating (every Monday night is Halloween!), met one of the Ghostbusters, and generally been spoiled rotten.

Honestly, if we never went to any of the theme parks, this would be an unbelievable vacation. I couldn’t stop smiling all day.

The kids are too young to really appreciate this particular character, and Paul is too old (sorry, sweetie), but I couldn’t resist.


What’s that you say? This trip is supposed to be about the kids? Fine. Have I told you about Mayor Clayton? Mayor Clayton is a giant rabbit. His wife Ms. Merry also hangs out at the village. Levi’s been hearing about them for awhile – you can get one or the other of them to do a tuck-in one night during your stay. Ms. Merry’s tuck-ins are described as more sedate, and Mayor Clayton’s are rowdy. Guess which one we’ll ask for!

Anyway, we were eating supper at the Gingerbread House tonight (Is that an awesome sentence or what?) and who walked in but Ms. Merry and Mayor Clayton. Ohhhhhh my*. So exciting. Both boys got bunny kisses from Ms. Merry and high fours from Mayor Clayton.



Then we walked out to the avenue where there were cauldrons of candy sitting around to be had for the asking. I think it’s appropriate to point out here that *I* did not take any of the candy from the children’s bags.

We’re all pretty worn out, and we should all sleep like crazy. Despite the sugar.

*I may have gotten a little weepy right here because Levi was so insanely happy, but if you bring it up, I’ll deny it. I’m really not sure I can Levi can handle meeting Mickey.

3 thoughts on “Wiped Out But Happy

  1. You may not want to own up to getting weepy but not me!! I have happy tears running down my cheeks. I am so happy for your sweet family!

  2. love, love this picture….so happy for all of you….you deserve it…have a wonderul time and God Bless….See ya at God’s House on Sundays…..:)

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